Excellence and efficiency in oil & gas service delivery

We provide offshore, onshore and near shore oil and gas services to E&P, drilling contractors and production companies in Ghana and West Africa.

What we offer

Over 10 years of world-class services

We pride ourselves on the wealth of experience in our chosen markets.




We're proud of our journey

We have become a household name in Ghana and are currently registered with the Petroleum Commission who is now the regulator. Rigworld has diversified to capture a wider range of services amidst the formation of several Joint Ventures with foreign companies operating in Ghana. Steadily, our global presence is becoming very imminent.

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Core values

Our core values define us as a company and express who we are, how we think and act

These core values guide us and motivate us to perform better, and they represent a critical success factor in our efforts to achieve our common goals and create an attractive work place.

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