Onshore & offshore labour

We offer recruitment and a full range of professional placement services.

Offshore & onshore labour supply

Rigworld Offshore & Onshore Labour Services is a staffing, consulting and executive search firm that services offshore and onshore oil and gas projects and specializes in providing highly skilled local talent to support business growth and professional development. We offer recruitment and a full range of professional placement services to all industry sections while specializing in the rapid recruitment and placement of personnel involved in the offshore & onshore Oil and Gas industries and its support services. Our extensive core employee base and advanced recruitment system, which ensures that we will remain the leader in professional placement, recruitment and human resource management services in Ghana and the Sub-region, is a benchmark for health and safety performance with a safety record of zero lost time accidents.

You have challenges, we have solutions

In the Oil and Gas Industry of Ghana and Africa, the employment needs are very specific and the positions often require a specialized set of skills. Rigworld understands those requirements and the experience your employees need better than any other staffing firm—because we’ve been there.

Our recruitment team has good experience working in the energy industry in a variety of executive roles (including human resources) which demands extensive recruitment of staff to support business operations. So we have a thorough understanding of the way drilling rig contractors run, the people they need—and most importantly, where to find those professionals.

We appreciate the industry’s dynamics, and how your hiring needs can change depending on the maturation of projects and your day-to-day operations. You don’t always need full-time employees, but you do always need people with the right talent and experience, who can make an immediate impact. Don’t wait, let our industry network and experience to work for you.

We speak your language

When you work with Rigworld, you’ll be partnering with industry experts who already understand your business. You will not have to spend time explaining industry jargon, procedures or job-required competencies. Our workforce management tools and talent acquisition process are tailored to meet your needs. We truly work as an extension of your company as our goal is to integrate our candidates into your organization swiftly and seamlessly. Learn more about how we can help solve your employment needs, contact Rigworld today!

Our recruitment team

Our recruitment team has a unique perspective on the global energy industry because they have been part of it for years. The team possesses international experience in all facets of the Oil and Gas industry, having occupied executive and field roles, including human resource and recruiting:

  • We’ve managed projects and operations, so we know the hiring dynamics in Ghana and Africa
  • We’ve built strategic relationships, so we know the right people
  • We’ve devised global management strategies, so we know the challenges you face
  • We’ve provided HR support in multiple African countries and regions, so we know the complexities of a global workforce

We recruit for the following offshore positions:

  • Welder
  • Driller
  • Assistant driller
  • Floor hands/rough necks
  • Crane operator
  • Roustabouts
  • DP officer
  • Rig electrician/electrical engineer
  • Rig mechanic/mechanical engineer
  • Motorman
  • Offshore medic/doctor
  • Store keeper
  • Instrument technicians
  • Radio operator
  • Derrickmen
  • Pumpman
  • Painter

Why Rigworld International Services?

As a Ghanaian company, Rigworld takes pride in partnering with efficient foreign companies with outstanding proficiency in the industry to carry out oil and gas projects in Ghana and West-Africa. We have the facilities, skilled, experienced human resource and logistics for vigorous upstream operation. Rigworld International Services Limited is recognized by the National Regulator of the Oil and Gas Industry in Ghana and The Petroleum Commission, as one with exceptional prospects.

  • All recruited rig personnel undergo routine medical examination and are medically fit
  • All recruited rig personnel are insured
  • All recruited rig personnel have their Social Securities paid
  • All recruited rig personnel have their income Tax deducted and paid
  • We fulfil your Local Content Requirement
  • All recruited rig personnel have undergone Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET).

The value of using recruitment specialists such as ourselves is now widely appreciated.

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